Friday, January 11, 2008

Fashion Color Report: Spring 2008!

Winter's not even over, and I'm ready for Spring. I miss feeling light and swishy! Woe to heavy jackets and groggy boots. I love layers, but now I just want to...

Thankfully I take comfort in the fact that it's almost, just almost here.
I'm stocking up on spring colors starting now, just to make myself feel like it's closer.
Here is the fashion color report for spring 2008, as per Pantone, 
the ultimate authority for color :)

1. golden olive

2. spring crocus

3. rococco red

4. pink mist

5. croissant

6. freesia

7. cantaloupe

8. daiquiri green

9. snorkel blue

10. silver gray

I don't know about you, but the name "rococco red"sounds too deelish to pass up...even if the color is a to say...flashy.

Looks like we're moving out of monochrome and bright yellow/blue (a la spring 2007) into pastels and muted tones. I honestly think "cantaloupe" would be a good shade to go with any skin tone and any other hue, I think I'm going to make it a staple in my wardrobe for spring. 

As for "freesia", while I'm all for bright pop-py colors...I hope this one doesn't really take off. It'll do nothing but make me look washed out! Everything else, though, I am a fan of. 

Ohhhh...Get on with it, spring! Hustle those buns!

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