Monday, December 17, 2007

This Winter's Must-Haves: Vaseline

I've always had one sitting alone on the top shelf of my bathroom cabinet alone and forlorn-I just never ever used it. I thought it was sticky, greasy, smelled weird...and prone to having dust/unidentified objects stuck to it. So I just left it there to mould and ferment in its little plastic tub.
Until I read online that applying it onto your eyelashes each night before bedtime makes them grow LONGER.
Now, being a short-lashed girl (who am I kidding, I barely have any), I jumped at this opportunity to lengthen my lashes (ANYTHING, I'd do ANYTHING!) so that I'd actually have something to put my mascara on. Of course, before I took to dumping a gob of petroleum jelly (seriously, petroleum jelly? Sounds a tad sketch) on my lashes, I decided to take precautions and read up on vaseline.
And guess what I found.

A whole PLETHORA of things you can do with Vaseline! 
Apparently people use it to remove their make up, tame their flyaways, subdue their brittle cuticles, get rid of ashy elbows, and MORE. 
So it's a perfect companion for the winter months, when the dryness rolls in and the ashiness along with it!
Get a tub this winter people, it'll save you from a LOT of angst.
ps: if you were wondering about my lashes, they did not grow, not an inch, zilch. The vaseline DID sting my eyes though, so I advise against it.
I guess long lashes + I were just not meant to be.

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